We are mostly focused on cloud computing services provided by AWS due to next reasons:

  • We consider AWS as the most innovative Cloud Computing Provider, they launch new services at a breakneck pace
  • AWS has biggest amount of computing resources allowing customer to benefit from pure auto-scaling not focusing on limits and thresholds
  • When it comes to cloud costs reduction AWS provides the most clear and straight-forward way to use clouds properly and reduce costs. They actually want their customers to save costs
  • Allows multi-region setup out-of-box which is crucial for enterprise-level customers

Would you have specific needs in running your workloads using any other Cloud Computing Providers such as Google Cloud Platform or Microsoft Azure we are obviously here to provide these services with our experience and expertise

Services we provide helping you in Cloud Computing adoption or improving the way you use it

Whether you already use Cloud Computing or not yet we have knowledge, expertise and an extremely wide range of experience providing next services.

Initial bootstrap

We will help you to pick the right region or set of regions to use considering the geographical distribution of your customers and potential workload. Once the account is ready we would enhance the security of the newly created AWS account, enable Single sign-on and configure proper user management.  

Runtime setup and configuration

We will help you to pick runtime technology you need considering your exact needs. We have expertise in all widely used technologies such as AWS EC2, AWS ECS, Kubernetes (AWS EKS), serverless (AWS Lambda). We will bootstrap the runtime in the most cost efficient way. We follow the best scalability techniques in order to help your team focus on delivering features leaving all infrastructure topics to us.

Migrate your existing workloads to clouds

We will interview your specialists, plan and execute the migration of your existing workloads running on-premise without or if possible with acceptable downtime. This applies databases, data warehouses, applications and services.

Software Delivery Platform

We will deliver software engineering platform which includes all common components any delivery team needs: 

  • Version Control System (GitHub, AWS CodeCommit)
  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (GitHub Actions, AWS CodePipeline)
  • Configuration and secret management
  • Multi-environment setup: development, QA, staging and production
  • Log collection (AWS Cloudwatch Logs, Elastic, Loki)
  • Monitoring (AWS Cloudwatch, Prometheus, Grafana)
  • Observation (Opentracing)
  • Infrastructure as Code (Terraform)

Bootstrapping new microservices will take your team only a few clicks and 2 minutes of their time. Everything to help them focus on application development and features delivery.

Security, compliance and vulnerability management

With the help of our expertise and AWS security-related services we will make your runtime compliant with most common security standards such as PCI-DSS, CIS, ISO/IEC 27001. We will also take part in audit preparation and execution, presenting runtime to the auditor and working on further findings remediation (if any).

24/7 support

We can also provide you with SOC functions as the capacity of our team is enough to do 24/7 monitoring and support of your environment. We are ready to discuss and align the SLOs you have in place. We can also help you bootstrap them.